Anaheim best brews

Best breweries and bars in Anaheim — you decide at


Cheers to savings!  Sign up for — FREE — and enjoy drinks at a discount at bars and breweries all over Anaheim. In fact, there are some (hidden) gems that you’ll want to have some good times with good friends.

Choose your savings, and then rank your top 10. Raise a glass, and get served by those who served our country — All-American Brew Works is a veteran-owned and operated craft brewery. Your search for flavor ends at Ballast Point — stop in for a cold one! Been to Brewery X? It’s an absolute MUST for the crafts and the great indoors and outdoors. A family of passionate beer makers welcome you “home” at Brewheim.  Visit the masters at The Bruery — their artisan approach might change the way you think about beer. You might not know that Anaheim was the greatest wine producer in California – and Falling Bright Wine Merchants keeps the spirit alive. FiRE+iCE may not craft their own brews, but they create amazing specialty cocktails. At Karl Strauss Brewing Company,  taste the fine craftsmanship of more than 30 years — and more than 100 medals! Drop by the great tasting room at Pali Wine Co. You must visit Radiant Beer Co. for an ever-changing tap list and parade of different food trucks. And over at Jagerhaus, they’re still serving the two oldest beers in the WORLD (a history dating back 1,000 years!); they’re a bucket-list must!

They’re ALL in Anaheim — enjoy sipping and saving at