Brewery X

Friends, family, and community — the key ingredients to Brewery X


As they say at one of Anaheim’s favorite breweries — brew local, and drink social. The “X” is about crossing paths, and making a point to share a pint. We’re talking about Brewery X — so whether you’re headed there, or never heard of it, make it part of your path in Anaheim. It’s a must for brews and bites.

Brewery X is an independent craft brewery, located in Anaheim on the La Palma Beer Trail. The X factor is that this favorite brewery is an intersection of professional brewers and beer lovers. Brewery X has mastered producing great, clean beer, and an unparalleled brewery experience. Taste your choice of light and easy, dark and malty, hoppy and hazy, IPAs, seltzers and more. And the to-go drink menu has received an overwhelming response from locals taking the best brews home. That’s just the brews!

Here’s the bites! The Biergarten Patio is open every day for patio dining and curbside pickup. Don’t leave without the delicious Pine Club Burger — and make sure to top it off with bacon. Or try our veggie favorite, Black Bean Burger. Add some double-fried Idaho Fries, or crispy Truck Chop Salad.

Get to know Brewery X for their good food and good brew, and also know that they’re doing good with low-income communities throughout Southern California. Show your love for local business — visit Brewery X, they’re featured at