Jagerhaus German Food

Jägerhaus German Restaurant, over 40 years in the city, serving one of the oldest beers in the world.


Maybe no other restaurant in Anaheim can offer a taste of tradition like Jägerhaus German Restaurant, and its owner and award-winning restaurateur, Sandie Schwaiger.

Here, history reigns supreme in taste and style for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Jägerhaus’ legacy spans six decades, originally opening in 1979. Authentic recipes are traced back 7 generations to Germany. And you can even toast with a beer that has origins nearly 1,000 years ago! Don’t believe it? Just order, and Google, a Weihenstephan. In fact, Jägerhaus proudly pours two of the oldest beers in the world.

At Jägerhaus, there are no short cuts to traditional Bavarian meals — everything is made from scratch, and every bite is history in the tasting. Jägerhaus — and Sandie — will have it no other way. One must-taste are the German pancakes — they’re not “flapjacks”, they are souffles, individually baked to perfection in the oven, carefully filled with fresh fruit in the middle, and sprinkled with sweet powdered sugar. It’s one of the dishes that helped win Best Breakfast in Orange County by OC Weekly.

During Covid-19, Jägerhaus has elevated service, learned new ways to spoil customers, and kept a tasteful tradition even during all the new restaurant approaches. For residents, a genuine taste of Germany is in Anaheim at Jägerhaus. We’re glad they’re featured at AnaheimFirst.com.