Chef Bruno Serato

The Anaheim White House and Chef Sir Bruno Serato have the recipe for incredible.


At the Anaheim White House, you’ll find an owner that’s as famous for his award-winning meals, as he is for his world-renowned mission.

Chef Sir Bruno Serato, and his impeccable staff, have elevated al fresco dining to new, tasteful levels. The setting is beautiful, the ambience elegant, and the dishes are each masterpieces in presentation and flavor. And the enhanced service is Covid-19 safe, ensuring guests that experiences are comfortable and caring of new guidance.

However, the unsurpassed dining is only part of the story. Sir Bruno Serato is a CNN Hero, a Celebrity Chef, knighted by the Italian government, humanitarian award winner, official ambassador for Hunger Awareness, plus accolades from local, national and international organizations. Yet, his greatest gift of all may be his philanthropy work through Caterina’s Club — an organization that’s a tribute to Sir Bruno Serato’s mom, and devoted to providing access to nutritional food, stable housing and job training for youth.

Since its beginnings about 15 years ago, Caterina’s Club has served more than 5 million meals to those in need, including over 1 million since the start of Covid-19.

Chef Sir Bruno Serato has been serving dining enthusiasts since he took ownership of the Anaheim White House in 1987. He’s been serving the community in more ways than can be imagined. We’re excited to have the Anaheim White House as a part of, and we encourage you to make your plans to dine with Chef Sir Bruno Serato, and help the helper — when it comes to Anaheim, he’s always put the community first.